Freight and Land Use Planning Bulletins

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Welcome to the website of the
Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia

Despite the resumption of more normal levels of economic activity following the frantic pace of the resources boom, Western Australia remains vital to the trading performance of the country overall. Minerals, agricultural products and general cargoes all remain in demand on overseas markets in the face of international economic headwinds.

The Western Australian community continues to enjoy the fruits of strong trade performance by the State. However, demands on our road and rail networks, on our ports and shipping services, together with our airports and aviation services, continue unabated. The increasing population and the growth in urban densification add to the pressure on our integrated freight networks.

This means that it is more important than ever to have a clear vision on how to address and cater for future demands on our freight network. Our Department of Transport is responding to these pressures with the development of key strategic plans that offer a blueprint to ensure we are planning for the necessary infrastructure needs of the State . Those plans focussed on the freight task are especially valuable given the pressures we currently face and our drive towards efficiencies.

In order for these strategic plans to work, the support of industry, both freight users and freight providers, is essential. Industry input enriches the plans as they are being developed and encourages ownership of them during implementation.

The Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia is an important forum where freight users and providers sit side by side with Government to listen and learn from each other. The Council’s task is to provide independent advice on strategic policy issues impacting the delivery of freight services in this State. The group has been successfully doing this since its establishment in 2009.

I urge you to access the information provided on this website, as an efficient freight system is as vital to the State as a reliable energy network. The Council makes a strong contribution towards developing and maintaining Western Australia’s freight network, which ultimately benefits both the economic and social well-being of Western Australia.

Hon Bill Marmion
Minister for State Development; Transport; Innovation